About the hotel:                                                                                               

Ramsar Hotels Persian hotel consists of new, old and coastal motels Like jeweler on ring green and blue in the slopes of the Alborz mountain range and the city Ramsar center It has 152 luxurious rooms and suites with modern facilities and amenities such as an outdoor swimming pool, mineral spa and medical, children's parks, private cinema, sports grounds and magnificent restaurants, dining and traditional tea houses conference room equipped with audio and video for conferences and scientific seminars, educational and recreational services.


New hotel:

New hotel in 1337 by Skoda engineers with classic style architecture on the 3rd floor with a beautiful view of the forest and the sea made.


Old hotel:

Ramsar old hotel with beautiful architecture in the city center at the foot of wooded mountains and green space with eye-catching Landscaping is located was built in 1312. Underlying this hotel is about 5 thousand square meters on three floors and in terms of architecture, beauty, location and equipment is one of the most famous hotels in the Middle East.